Published: November 2012

After 13 years Whistleblower Protection signed into law

Coalition: Make It Safe Coalition

President Obama signed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA, S. 743) into law, with Congress’ sweeping endorsement by unanimous consent. This action demonstrates the strong mandate for a new day of accountability in the federal government.

The WPEA includes critically important upgrades to the broken system for federal whistleblowing to better serve taxpayers.

Tom Devine, Legal Director of Government Accountability Project, commented:  “This reform took 13 years to pass, because it can make so much difference against fraud, waste and abuse.”

Though it does not include every reform Consumer Action and the Make It Safe Coalition sought and will continue to seek, the bill will restore and modernize government whistleblower rights by ensuring that legitimate disclosures of wrongdoing will be protected, increasing government accountability to taxpayers, and saving billions of taxpayer dollars by helping expose fraud, waste and abuse.

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Government Accountability Project

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