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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chinese Headlines | FDA警告 卡痛葉存「癮」患

Chinese Headlines | 聖荷西租金管制審議 雙方熱議


Friday, November 10, 2017

Chinese Headlines | 手機App揭驚人保安漏洞 全球逾億用戶中招風險高


Thursday, November 09, 2017

Chinese Headlines | 電子郵件騙局 日漸猖獗


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Chinese Headlines | 健保開銷大! 20年料增9000億

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Tax basics for earners in the ‘sharing economy’ (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Tax basics for earners in the ‘sharing economy’ (Chinese) . “經濟共榮”可以讓你利用業餘時間來賺一點外快,它甚至也可能會成為你的主要收入來源。不過這兩類收入都可能對你的納稅情況造成影響。這本刊物與稅務建議無關,但可以協助你瞭解如何正確申報收入及開支、如何善加利用你應得的減稅優惠、如何避免在申報退稅時有任何意外驚訝發生,以及如何獲得更多相關資訊及協助。
The sharing economy might enable you to put a little extra cash in your pockets in your spare time, or it could be your primary source of income. Either way, earning money will have an impact on your tax situation. This publication, while not tax advice, will help you understand how to report your income and expenses accurately, why you should take advantage of all the deductions you’re entitled to, how to avoid an unpleasant surprise when you file your tax return, and where to get more information and assistance. Category: Money Management on Oct 20, 2017

Insuring yourself in the ‘sharing economy’ (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Insuring yourself in the ‘sharing economy’ (Chinese) . “經濟共榮”可以提供你新的賺錢方式,但如同任何商業公司或自雇工作一樣,你還是需要考慮保險問題。這本刊物對於各種型式的經濟“共榮”所可能產生的風險有詳盡說明,列舉了各營業平台通常提供參與者哪些保障,你的個人保險是否缺乏某方面的保障,以及有哪些保險選項可幫你獲得全面保障,最後文內還詳列有其它相關資訊。 The "sharing economy" can offer you new ways to earn, but, as with any business or self-employment venture, there are insurance issues to consider. This publication explains the potential risks associated with each type of "sharing," what protection is typically available from the "platforms" that connect users, how your personal insurance may fall short, what your options are for full protection, and where to get more information. Category: Insurance on Oct 18, 2017

Freeze Your Credit File (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Freeze Your Credit File (Chinese) Leave ID Thieves Out in the Cold. “安全凍結”信用檔案是一種預防及避免身份被盜用的工具﹐它可以阻止詐騙者利用你的個人資料來建立信貸記錄。這本手冊內容詳述如何“凍結”個人信用檔案,而且除非你暫時或永久取消凍結﹐它就可以防止別人以你的名義申請信貸。
A credit file "security freeze" is a preventive tool to help you avoid identity theft and to block impostors from using your personal information to establish credit. This publication explains how to "freeze" your credit file, which prevents new credit from being established in your name until you temporarily or permanently lift the freeze. Category: Credit Credit Reports Fraud/Scams Privacy Rights on Oct 10, 2017

How to Complain (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | How to Complain (Chinese) . 消費者行動於近日已將多年來最受歡迎的「 如何投訴 」消費者教育指南全面更新。這本內容豐富的免費手冊是專門編製用來協助消費者提出有效的投訴,以及日後得到實質效果。 「 如何投訴 」的各項建議包括:消費者應怎樣連繫各種行業來提出投訴;如何藉由客戶服務管道或公司主管部門來加強投訴;如何使用電郵或信件提出投訴;以及如何將個人投訴存檔留證等等。Consumer Action has updated its perennial favorite guide, How to Complain. The free and comprehensive booklet is designed to help you complain effectively and get results. How to Complain includes advice on how to approach businesses with a complaint; escalating a complaint through customer service or a company’s executive offices; writing emails and letters about your complaint; and documenting your complaint. Category: Consumer Rights on Sep 25, 2017

Time for an insurance checkup (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Time for an insurance checkup (Chinese) . 個人應該保持適當足夠的保險,其意義在於你每年都需要重新評估自己的保險涵蓋範圍,同時如果你的生活中發生特殊狀況時,你應如何調整個人保險去應對。這本查核個人保險的刊物詳述對於定期查核個人保險條款的重要性,也列舉各項會造成個人保險涵蓋範圍改變的生活特殊狀況。同時內容也有你應如何妥善處理個人保險的相關提示及查核工具,以及各項網上資源鏈接以供消費者查詢。 Staying adequately insured means reassessing your coverage each year and adjusting it in response to specific life events. This Insurance Checkup fact sheet explains why it’s important to revisit your insurance policies regularly, lists specific life events that typically warrant a change in coverage, provides tips and tools for managing your insurance and offers links to resources where you can learn more. Category: Consumer Rights Housing Housing Insurance Insurance Medical/Healthcare on Aug 16, 2017

California’s Lemon Law (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | California’s Lemon Law (Chinese) Protection for new and used car buyers. 這本有關新車和二手車買主的加州保護法手冊將詳述州立檸檬法如何運作,涵蓋哪些車輛,以及大多數汽車經銷商採用的仲裁方案,以及加州的消費者應如何索償。
This fact sheet about California’s protections for new and used car buyers explains how the state Lemon Law works, which vehicles are covered, the arbitration programs used by most car dealers and how consumers can pursue a claim in California. Category: on Jun 09, 2017

Get a car loan (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Get a car loan (Chinese) That’s in your best interest. 如果你正在尋求貸款購買新車或二手車,即使你的信用記錄很差,你還是可以有很多選擇。然而,逾期付款和其它信用問題則會令貸款公司把你列為高風險客戶,並因此提高你的貸款利率。每家貸款公司的利率都有所不同,因此要貨比三家才能找到最划算的貸款。 If you are seeking financing for a new or used car, you could have many options even if you have a poor financial history. However, late payments and other credit problems signal lenders that you are a risky customer, which will increase the interest rate on the loans available to you. There are differences between lenders—so shop around to find the best deal. Category: Automobiles Credit Credit Reports Credit Scores Insurance on May 23, 2017

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program  (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Chinese) . 加州政府設立本保險計劃,為符合收入標準﹑行車記錄好的駕駛人提供低價的車輛責任保險。承保單由在加州註冊的保險公司開出。加州法律規定要設立一項加州低價車輛保險計劃,以滿足其財務責任法律的有關規定。 The State of California has developed this program to provide income eligible, good drivers with access to affordable automobile liability insurance. The policies are issued by California licensed insurance companies. California state law provides that a California Low Cost Automobile Insurance policy satisfies financial responsibility laws. Category: Automobiles Insurance on Apr 24, 2017

A guide to finding the right job training school (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | A guide to finding the right job training school (Chinese) . 如果一間職業學校及其課程具備聲譽而且收費合理,就讀這間學校對於你的未來會成為很有價值的投資。這本指南是專門編輯印製,以協助任何人在考慮報讀就業培訓課程或是職業學校時,能做出明理的選擇,避免積欠過多或毫無保證的學生貸款債務;當一旦不幸成為牟利學校相關詐騙的受害者時,也知道應去何處尋求協助。Job training can be a valuable investment in your future—if the school or program is reputable and fairly priced. This guide is designed to help anyone considering a job training program or vocational school make an informed choice, avoid excessive or unwarranted student loan debt, and know where to turn if they believe they are a victim of for-profit school fraud. Category: Consumer Rights on Mar 29, 2017

Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2016 Tax Year) (Chinese)

Library: Chinese | Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2016 Tax Year) (Chinese) Low income working taxpayers may qualify for the Federal EITC. 工薪退稅優惠(EITC) 有助於低收入工作納稅人及家庭在申報聯邦所得稅時得到更多的退稅。本手冊包含2016年稅務年度的低收入者工薪退稅優惠(EITC)指標。
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low income, working taxpayers and families get more money back when they file their federal income tax forms.This publication contains EITC guidelines for the 2016 tax year. Category: Money Management on Jan 11, 2017


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