Published: January 2015

Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice privacy for safety

In comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Consumer Action and other privacy advocates urged the Commission to to ensure that any data collected to respond to “E911” calls carries strong privacy protections.

It’s important that consumers can get help where they are when they call 911 on their cell phones. But despite the promise of mobile devices as a safety line, the technology to respond to an exact location isn’t here yet. A number of wireless and technology companies have proposed leveraging new and existing technologies to pinpoint those needing help. But putting E911 wireless location accuracy in the hands of commercial entities has raised privacy concerns. Consumer Action has joined in efforts to ensure that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) designate all data collected by E911 technologies as “customer network proprietary information,” or CNPI, a designation with strong privacy and security perimeters.

Lead Organization

New America Foundation

Other Organizations

American Civil Liberties Union | American Library Association | Benton Foundation | Brennan Center for Justice | Center for Democracy & Technology | Center for Digital Democracy | Consumer Action | Consumer Federation of America | Consumer Federation of California | Consumer Watchdog | Defending Dissent Foundation | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Public Knowledge | Privacy Rights Clearinghouse | Sunlight Foundation | U.S.PIRG | World Privacy Forum

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